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Genesis AI Corp: A Future Unburned (CSE:AIG)(OTC:AIGFF)

In 2023, artificial intelligence has undeniably taken centre stage as one of the most enticing prospects for investors. This meteoric rise is being led by the success of NVIDIA Corporation, which currently reigns as the top-performing stock on the S&P 500. Remarkably, NVIDIA's stock has surged by over 200%, accompanied by a staggering $700 billion increase in market capitalization since the start of the year. The recent advent of ChatGPT has also ignited a surging demand for AI-focused enterprises. This trend was substantiated by Microsoft's groundbreaking $10 billion investment in OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT.

Yet, beyond these individual success stories, it's crucial to recognize that artificial intelligence is poised to disrupt nearly every industry globally. AI, alongside automation and robotics, is heralding a transformative era across sectors as diverse as healthcare, finance, and more. The maturation of AI technologies has unequivocally demonstrated their value and versatility. They're no longer a theoretical promise but a practical reality that companies are harnessing for enhanced efficiency, boundless innovation, and sustained competitive advantage.

Consequently, investors are flocking to seize the opportunity to participate in an industry that stands at the forefront of technological advancement. AI's profound potential to address pressing global challenges, ranging from revolutionizing healthcare to championing sustainability and combating climate change, perfectly aligns with long-term investment objectives. This strategic alignment renders AI an exceptionally attractive choice for discerning investors in today's dynamic market landscape.

While giants like Microsoft and NVIDIA undoubtedly offer exposure to the artificial intelligence trend, their vast size may not satiate the appetites of those seeking substantial returns.

Enter Genesis AI Corp (CSE:AIG)(OTC:AIGFF), a nimble player that not only offers leveraged exposure to the AI phenomenon but also offers huge upside potential for savvy investors.


Genesis AI Corp is a story that should resonate deeply with many people in North America, particularly those affected by the rampant forest fires during the summer of 2023.

Canadians have experienced their worst wildfire season on record, with more than 15 million hectares burned, double the previous record from 1989, and over six times the 10-year average of 2.5 million hectares.

The impact of these wildfires was devastating not only in Canada but also in the United States, where the Lahaina wildfire in Maui, Hawaii, became the deadliest in over a century, claiming 97 lives and leaving much of Lahaina's historic district in ruins. The recovery effort is estimated to cost approximately $5.5 billion, significantly affecting an island heavily reliant on tourism.

Wildfires also wreaked havoc in other parts of the world, including Greece, Spain, and Portugal.


Throughout human history, our primary approach to combating forest fires has relied upon human intervention, placing the lives of countless firefighters at risk.

But what if we could harness the power of AI technology to help detect, prevent, and mitigate the devastating impact of wildfires?

The ability of AI to process vast amounts of data, including weather patterns, vegetation health, and historical fire data, enables it to predict wildfire risks with remarkable accuracy. This proactive approach allows for better resource allocation and evacuation planning, ultimately saving lives.

This is exactly Genesis AI Corp intends to do…


On September 11th, 2023, Genesis AI signed a definitive agreement to acquire Carbonethic.

Carbonethic initially started out with goal of protecting and managing the development and growth of forests through carbon credits. Over the past few years, the company has invested over $1.5 million in funds to develop a program known as, a groundbreaking program that employs drones, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to map out forests and generate a “digital twin”, which can then be manipulated and studied in computer generated environments.

While this software was initially intended for carbon offsetting through forestry management, it quickly became clear that Woodlands.Ai has the potential to revolutionize multiple industries.


Genesis AI is beginning with five modules powered by the AI core including Wildfire, Carbon, Forestry, Mining and Urban Interface.

1. Wildfire - Providing solutions for the three phases of wildfire:

  • Before: This program can play a pivotal role in wildfire prevention and mitigation efforts. By continuously monitoring the digital twin of a forest in real-time, it can detect early signs of potential fire risks, such as dry conditions, increased temperatures, or changes in vegetation health.

  • During: The AI can provide critical information to authorities, enabling them to take proactive measures like controlled burns, resource allocation for firefighting, and optimized evacuation planning.

  • After: After a wildfire, it can also help assess the extent of damage and predict future risks, aiding in reforestation efforts and land management.

2. Mining - In the mining industry, the program can be used for subsurface digital twinning. By creating accurate representations of the forest, it can assist in planning mining operations, assessing environmental impacts, and optimizing exploration processes. Miners can use this technology to evaluate the effects of their activities on the surrounding ecosystems and take measures to minimize disruption.

3. Carbon - The program can revolutionize the carbon credit industry by providing precise and transparent carbon modelling. By accurately simulating forest growth and carbon sequestration, it helps stakeholders, such as governments, carbon project developers, and landowners, track and quantify carbon credits more effectively. This transparency and reliability contribute to building trust in the carbon offsetting market and promoting sustainable forestry practices.

4. Forestry - For conventional forest owners and lumber companies, this AI-driven program offers invaluable tools for forest management. It can simulate various scenarios, allowing forest managers to make informed decisions regarding harvesting, reforestation, and sustainable land use. By optimizing forest intelligence, it helps conserve biodiversity and maintain the long-term health of forests.

5. Urban Interface - In the context of urban planning and the interface between urban areas and natural environments, the program can model the impact of urban expansion on biological assets. This includes assessing how urban development affects local wildlife, vegetation, and overall ecological balance. City planners can use this data to make informed decisions about land use, green infrastructure, and conservation efforts, leading to more sustainable urban development.

Genesis AI will simultaneously develop these modules, targeting full commercialization in 2024.


The management team at Genesis AI is no stranger to success. The CEO of Genesis AI, Dev Randhawa, is the driving force behind Strathmore Plus Uranium and F3 Uranium, which are two of the hottest uranium plays on the market right now and both companies I have covered in the past. I have made a ton of money investing in Dev’s deals over the last two years and I am more than happy to to roll the dice on him replicating the same level of success he brought to Strathmore and F3, with Genesis AI Corp.

Genesis AI has already started beefing up the management team with industry experts. On September 18th, the company announced the addition of Geoff Fawkes to the team as Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Fawkes is a technology executive with a background in software development and business operational management spanning the past 20+ years. Mr. Fawkes was most recently CTO of Carbonethic where he led the development of the program. His role here is crucial as he knows the program better than anyone and his addition as CTO shows that he is there to continue seeing it through.

I expect that the company will be adding a few more well known names over the next little while.


A great story is only as great as its share structure, and Genesis has been built for success from the very beginning. At present, there are only 60 million shares outstanding on Genesis AI Corp, many of which are tightly held by insiders and management.

Having only just closed the acquisition of Carbonethic less than a month ago, Genesis AI is truly still in its infant-stages. The market cap is sitting at a measly $10 million, leaving tons of upside for new investors.


Genesis AI Corp stands at the forefront of a rapidly evolving investment landscape where artificial intelligence has emerged as a driving force of innovation and positive change. As we witness AI technologies mature and demonstrate their potential across various industries, the allure for investors is undeniable.

The company's mission to revolutionize wildfire prevention through AI-driven solutions not only addresses a critical need in North America, where devastating wildfires have become increasingly prevalent, but also showcases the transformative power of AI in addressing global challenges. With the recent acquisition of Carbonethic and its groundbreaking program, Genesis AI is poised to offer invaluable tools across multiple sectors, from forest management to mining, carbon modeling to urban planning.

Backed by a highly experienced management team, including the visionary leadership of CEO Dev Randhawa, and with a tightly held share structure designed for success, Genesis AI Corp presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking to be a part of the future, where AI technology leads the way in creating a safer, more sustainable world.


The publisher of this report was compensated by Genesis AI Corp for the publication of this and other reports regarding the Issuer. The purpose of this compensation was to cover the author's time, research, and expertise in analyzing the company. It is important to note that the payment received may create a potential conflict of interest, as the author may be influenced by the compensation received. Readers are advised to consider this disclosure when evaluating the credibility and objectivity of the information provided in the article. While the author has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content, readers should conduct their own research and analysis and seek independent financial advice before making any investment decisions related to the small cap company mentioned.The compensation received by the author does not guarantee or imply any specific outcome or recommendation regarding the small cap company's investment potential. This disclosure is intended to provide transparency and assist readers in understanding the context in which the article was written. From time to time,the author of this report,the publisher, and the publisher’s directors, officers, and other insiders may purchase or sell securities of the Issuer.


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