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10 Reasons to Invest in American Aires

In a world increasingly concerned about the impacts of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation, American Aires (CSE:WIFI)(OTC:AAIRF) is stepping up with a solution that's catching the eye of health-conscious celebrities and athletes. With its unique technology, strategic partnerships, and a CEO who's got a clear vision for growth, this company is on an exciting trajectory.

In this article, we're diving into 10 reasons why American Aires could be a smart addition to your investment portfolio, from its innovative approach to EMF protection to its strong financial performance and the potential for a short squeeze.

  1. EMF Radiation is Becoming a Global Concern - With the advent of modern technologies like smartphones, WiFi, and 5G networks, EMFs have increasingly sparked health concerns. Research, including over 1,000 studies from the US and around the world, has highlighted adverse effects associated with EMFs, particularly emanating from smartphones, WiFi routers, and the rollout of 5G networks. In 2017, the World Health Organization labeled cell phone radiation as a Type 2 carcinogen, underscoring its potential risks. Furthermore, France recently took a bold step by banning the iPhone 12 nationwide after it was found to exceed European radiation exposure standards

  2. Proprietary EMF Protection Technology - American Aires has created a unique solution for reducing the potential health risks of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure: a special silicon-based microchip. This technology was originally developed for the Russian military to protect radar station personnel from radiation without interfering with the signal. Similar concerns were investigated by the US military regarding the effects of radar on personnel during the 1940s-60s, including DNA damage and brain cell harm. The founder of American Aires adapted this technology for everyday use.

  3. Traction with Top Athletes & Celebrities - The company's products have been particularly popular among high-performing athletes and celebrities who value health and wellness. Notable celebrities that have either endorsed or have been seen with AiresTech products include Kim Kardashian, Ben Greenfield, Tiki Barber, Maycee Barber, and Gary Brecka, among others. The company recently launched the #airesathlete campaign which aims to connect with professional athletes who, like many, have turned to Aires for the significant benefits its technology offers, particularly in terms of physiological optimization through EMF modulation as well as the proven protection from external EMF sources.

  4. Partnership with William Morris Endeavour Group (WME) - This alliance with WME is designed to capitalize on the momentum Aires has built among top-tier athletes, expanding on the recently launched #airesathlete campaign. The partnership aims to enhance Aires' market presence and brand recognition, emphasizing its pivotal role in EMF protection and advancing physical and cognitive performance. Some of WME's sports clients: Venus & Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Joel Embiid, Christian Mcaffrey, Joe Burrow, Luka Doncic, Kylian Mbappe.

  5. Untapped Global Market - Surveys show that 13% of the population is concerned about EMF and this number will only continue to grow. American Aires has identified the U.S. market alone as having a $5 billion potential but this is just a fraction of the global opportunity. Penetrating the U.S. market poses unique challenges due to its diverse population. Recognizing this, American Aires has already started expanding into other regions, including Australia, Europe, and the UAE, where they have been achieving early success. American Aires operates an online direct-to-consumer sales model, with fulfillment centers in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the EU. Despite their current customer base spanning 54,000 clients across 65 countries, with the U.S. making up 80% of sales, the company believes it has only begun to tap into its full market potential.

  6. Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Pürland in Taiwan, Hong Kong. and Malaysia - This distribution partnership will open the doors to the Asian markets for American Aires. Not only was this a previously untapped market, but it is also a massive one. In the initial pilot campaign, Pürland demonstrated incredible competency and proficiency reaching and converting consumers into the Aires brand. During the initial test campaign, Pürland offered Aires' products to a small selection of their customers. Pürland saw higher than anticipated customer interest and overwhelming demand, exceeding forecasts. As a result, Pürland placed its second order almost immediately and nearly doubled its trial volumes to meet the current demand.

  7. Consistent Revenue Growth - American Aires has been consistently doubling their revenues since 2021. The company recently reported their 2023 financial statements which show $10.4M in sales for the year, a 79% increase from $5.8 million in 2022. The company is aiming to maintain a growth rate of 80-100% over the next several years.

  8. Blue Sky Potential in OEM Opportunities - The real untapped blue-sky potential for American Aires lies in the realm of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) opportunities. Imagine everyday products like phone cases, headphones, or even cell phones themselves, enhanced with an Aires Microchip. American Aires has already started along this path by signing an OEM deal with a Sleep Mask manufacturer. By aligning with consumer interests, the company has been setting the stage for a wave of OEM partnerships. The company's reach extends across a range of high-volume segments, including smartphones, laptops, gaming accessories, electric vehicles, and various health-related products for babies, pets, and children, as well as essential goods and services for daycares, schools, hospitals, fertility clinics, offices, and the hospitality sector. The scope for integration is truly limitless.

  9. CEO's Billion-Dollar Sales Strategy - Since CEO Josh Bruni took the helm in 2021, the company has impressively doubled its revenues year over year. Having had the chance to interview Josh, I can personally attest to his remarkable product marketing skills. He possesses a unique ability to engage and persuade and his extensive experience in sales and digital marketing across various brands and industries positions him as the ideal leader to elevate the company's sales beyond the $1 billion mark. Josh's strategy is to sustain this remarkable trend of 80-100% revenue growth by enhancing a data-driven, methodical, and iterative growth engine. This strategy involves brand building on a grander scale and fostering deeper connections with top athletes and performers to boost the company's visibility and credibility. I recently conducted an interview with Josh which only further solidified my bullish view on American Aires.

  10. Potential Short Squeeze - In March, there was significant short-selling activity on $WIFI (2.7 million shares), with a total short-traded volume of 2.7 million shares. This high level of short interest suggests that many investors are betting against the stock. However, this situation could set the stage for a potential short squeeze. If $WIFI starts to gain positive momentum and its stock price begins to rise, short sellers may be forced to cover their positions to limit losses. This buying pressure from short covering could further drive up the stock price, potentially leading to a sharp upward move in $WIFI. Investors should closely monitor the stock for signs of a short squeeze, as it could present a unique trading opportunity.


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