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Eureka Lithium: Unearthing the Next Major Lithium Discovery (CSE:ERKA)(OTC:SCMCF)

As an investor who prioritizes value, I generally steer clear of pure-play exploration companies unless they offer a VERY compelling narrative and a distinctive value proposition. These companies can be hard to find, but it’s not impossible.

Regardless, I do like to allocate a smaller portion of my portfolio to a couple of high-risk exploration plays. These ventures carry an elevated level of risk, but the potential returns can be extraordinary if a significant discovery is made. A recent example is Patriot Battery Metals, which has provided massive returns for early investors since their initial discovery.

The truth is, exploration companies offer return potential that developers and producers cannot match.

So, allow me to introduce you to Eureka Lithium (CSE:ERKA)(OTC:SCMCF).

Eureka Lithium has all of the qualities of an exploration company on the verge of a MAJOR discovery.

Eureka holds a first-mover advantage and a dominant land package in an under-explored area. They have a highly successful technical team with a proven track record of past discoveries and a unique technology-based approach to exploration. Plus, they are right next door to an exploration company backed by some of the richest people on the planet (Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos) AND have a war-chest of over $6M in cash.

Eureka Lithium is an explorer you need to be paying attention to… here’s why.


First let’s briefly talk about the macroeconomic picture for lithium.

Although lithium was off to a shaky start at the beginning of the year, prices have rebounded sharply over the last several months and look to be heading higher.

The bullish case for lithium has been largely driven by its uses in electric vehicles and energy storage and this has not changed. The reality is, as a global transition to a low-carbon economy accelerates, demand for Lithium is expected to increase exponentially.

Lithium demand is expected to grow 7x between 2021 and 2030, driven by three key factors: the growth of EV’s, rising demand for renewable energy, and lithium’s use in consumer electronics.

Some analysts are even forecasting that Lithium demand will be 16 times higher than present-day levels by 2040.

If this demand is to be filled reliably, we will need to find more lithium.


Eureka Lithium, formerly known as Scout Minerals, is a fresh face in the world of lithium exploration. Having only just come to trade on June 1st, 2023, this infant-stage story is flying under the radar of most investors. But given how unique this particular story is, I don’t expect it to stay this way for long.

Not only does Eureka Lithium offer exposure to a growing lithium market, but the company also offers investors a chance to be part of what could be the next major lithium discovery in Quebec.


Eureka Lithium Corp has strategically positioned itself as a pioneer in the untapped Nunavik region of Quebec, a region that some are calling the “next lithium frontier” in Canada. While the area already boasts a prominent position as one of the world's top 5 nickel belts, it remains largely unexplored for lithium deposits, despite abundant outcropping pegmatites. In addition, the Nunavik region is pro-mining, pro-exploration, and conveniently located near the all-season port facility at Deception Bay.

So not only is the geology favourable, but there is already established mining infrastructure in place.


The last lithium company to make a major discovery in Quebec was Patriot Battery Metals, which made the Corvette Discovery in the James Bay region — directly south of Nunavik. The Corvette discovery sent shockwaves throughout the entire junior mining sector, with the stock's value skyrocketing from a mere $20 million to over $1.5 billion today.

PMET is a perfect example of the types of gains that an investor can experience when selecting the right exploration play and holding throughout the entire discovery phase.

The Corvette discovery also sparked a mass migration of smaller lithium explorers into the James Bay area who had hopes of making the next big discovery in the region. Since then, no one has been able to repeat the same success as PMET. More importantly, it seems that so many of these smaller explorers were so starstruck with the James Bay Region that they forgot to look what was right above them the whole time — Nunavik. But not the legendary prospector Shawn Ryan, who was quietly assembling a premier land package in Nunavik which has now turned into Eureka Lithium.


There are good prospectors out there, and then there is Shawn Ryan.

Shawn is a serially successful prospector and a global leader in his field whose research and prospecting techniques have had a major impact on the Canadian resource sector this century.

Ryan single-handedly kicked off the second major gold rush in Yukon mining history in 2009, leading to his selection as PDAC’s Prospector-of-the-Year in 2011. Ryan’s expertise led to the discovery of several important deposits in the Yukon including the multi-million ounce Coffee Project acquired by Goldcorp for CAD$520 million which is now being steered toward production by Newmont.

In 2015, Ryan turned his attention to Newfoundland where his groundbreaking research and reinterpretations helped turn the island into one of the most exciting jurisdictions in the world for new high-grade gold discoveries.

In 2022, Ryan's continued Newfoundland research expanded the potential of the Bay St. George Salt District and the underground energy storage opportunity.

To put things simply, his success over the last 20 years has elevated him to legendary status; he knows a good asset when he sees one.

This year, Ryan has turned his attention to the Nunavik Region where he has been conducting extensive research and assembling a premier package of Lithium projects which has now evolved into Eureka Lithium.

Here is what he had to say about the Nunavik region: “We’re following the science here and it’s extremely compelling: We’re not going after old showings or a ‘needle in a haystack’. Nunavik is virgin territory, never previously explored specifically for lithium, and this massive area comprising the top third of Quebec could prove to be the ‘haystack’ of mineralized lithium systems in all of Canada.”

Shawn remains a technical advisor to Eureka Lithium and for the reasons above, his involvement should not be taken lightly.


Eureka Lithium has 100% ownership of three main project areas in the Nunavik Region: Raglan West(443 sq. km), Raglan South (229 sq. km), and the New Leaf Camp (736 sq. km) — comprising 1,408 sq. km in total.

Each of Eureka’s project areas has district scale lithium discovery potential and features abundant outcrop and some of the highest lithium and cesium values in lake bottom sediments in the Quebec government database.

The map below showcases exactly this — the highest concentration of lithium is marked by the purple dots. We can see that the three lithium camps that Eureka owns are located right in the heart of these highly concentrated lithium values and this is no accident. These strategically placed, highly prospective land packages are a product of Shawn Ryan’s extensive research over many months.

Jeffrey Wilson, Eureka President and CEO, had this to say about Eureka Lithium’s dominant land position in the Nunavik region: “Nunavik has some of the most prospective geology anywhere in the world for new mineral discoveries as evidenced by a top-tier nickel belt with two producing mines. Up until now, lithium has never been on geologists’ radar screens in this part of Quebec. With what is now known about the geology, geochemistry, and geophysics outside of this prolific nickel belt, thanks in part to Shawn Ryan’s meticulous research, the race is on for new lithium discoveries and Eureka is in the pole position with the financial and technical capacity to rapidly advance the Company’s highly prospective project portfolio.”


Another aspect that sets Eureka Lithium apart from other exploration companies is their technology-based approach to exploration. Eureka’s recent partnership with GroundTruth Exploration for their initial exploration program highlights this. GroundTruth uses new and innovative exploration methods, such as UAV drones, to help increase the odds of successful discoveries.

For the Eureka Lithium program, GroundTruth is utilizing a highly trained and experienced team of LCT Pegmatite prospectors who are investigating and sampling all known and newly located pegmatites in this under-explored region. Prospectors are navigating traverse routes using GPS enabled tablets loaded with all available data including Quebec geology, geochemistry, ArcticDEM and Multispectral Satellite Imagery to vector precisely to outcrops and zones of highest potential.

Samples are being analyzed onsite with LIBS and XRF for lithium and pathfinder geochemistry for real-time follow-up during the program. Priority pegmatite zones encountered are being surveyed with UAV drone for Orthoimagery and DEM for a High Resolution 3D map of the pegmatite systems.

This technology-based approach to exploration should help accelerate the discovery process and increase the odds of a successful discovery.


One of the most interesting aspects of Eureka Lithium and the Nunavik area is that they are right next door to a company called KoBold Metals. Kobold is a private company, so you may not have heard the name, but the company has left a trail of breadcrumbs that is tough to ignore.

KoBold is not your typical junior exploration company; they use “data aggregation, geoscience excellence, and artificial intelligence to the search for scarce battery metals to help drive the clean energy revolution”.

Kobold just recently closed a $195M funding round in which some of the largest hedge funds and investors on the planet participated… Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Andreessen Horowitz and Richard Branson to name a few.


Eureka Lithium (CSE:ERKA)(OTC:SCMCF) offers an exciting investment opportunity for those looking for an early-stage lithium explorer with significant discovery potential.

The strategic advantage of Eureka Lithium lies in the untapped Nunavik region of Quebec. Their extensive land package in Raglan West, Raglan South, and New Leaf Camp demonstrates district-scale prospects. Supported by legendary prospector Shawn Ryan, known for successful resource exploration, Eureka Lithium has credibility and expertise.

Eureka isn't just relying on old-fashioned luck in their exploration process. They're embracing cutting-edge technology through their partnership with GroundTruth Exploration. Drones are buzzing through the air, collecting real-time data and pinpointing promising locations for significant lithium deposits. It's all about maximizing their chances of striking lithium riches.

The proximity to KoBold Metals, backed by influential investors like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, further highlights Nunavik's potential for battery metals.

So, if you're an investor looking for a front-row seat in this exciting lithium frontier, keep your eyes on Eureka Lithium. With their strategic advantages, seasoned team, and innovative exploration methods, the potential for substantial value and impressive returns is huge.


The publisher of this report was paid a fee of twenty thousand Canadian dollars by Eureka Lithium for the publication of this and other reports regarding the Issuer. The purpose of this compensation was to cover the author's time, research, and expertise in analyzing the company. It is important to note that the payment received may create a potential conflict of interest, as the author may be influenced by the compensation received. Readers are advised to consider this disclosure when evaluating the credibility and objectivity of the information provided in the article. While the author has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content, readers should conduct their own research and analysis and seek independent financial advice before making any investment decisions related to the small cap company mentioned.The compensation received by the author does not guarantee or imply any specific outcome or recommendation regarding the small cap company's investment potential. This disclosure is intended to provide transparency and assist readers in understanding the context in which the article was written. From time to time,the author of this report,the publisher, and the publisher’s directors, officers, and other insiders may purchase or sell securities of the Issuer.

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