Exclusive Interview with CEO of Carebook Technologies (CRBK.v)

Here is my exclusive interview with Pascale Audette, CEO of Carebook Technologies (TSXV:CRBK). A special thank you to Pascale for taking the time to discuss the future of Carebook with me. I hope you guys enjoy the interview.

I know that some of you may be frustrated with the recent trading pattern in CRBK. As a shareholder, I am as well. This is a big position for me but I have done my homework and I have a strong conviction that Carebook will succeed over the long term. I am staying patient and have been averaging down recently as I doubt it will be much longer before we start to see news flow ramp up in a big way. The company has only been public for a month and I can assure you they did not go public to sit around idling. The CRBK team has been hard at work with the recent listing, and most importantly, with the direct operations of the company. They are doing some really amazing stuff behind the scenes. Speaking with Pascale has only cemented my confidence even further for Carebook and what lies ahead.

Pascale also brought up a really interesting point in the interview when I asked about plans for Carebook beyond the exclusivity agreement with Rexall in Canada, which is up in 2023.... Canada only makes up 2% of the global pharmacy chain market. Think about that for a second. That is the blue sky right there. Scaling the platform into international markets (pharmacy AND insurance). The pool of potential clients is huge. I would imagine that this is part of the reason why they brought Josh Blair, who is Chair of the Board for TELUS International onto the Carebook board.