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Interview with Andy Bowering (PRYM, APGO, LI)

Who is Andy Bowering?

Andy is a multi-faceted mining entrepreneur who started his journey in the business by forming a drilling company over 35 years ago. He has been an active venture capitalist in the space ever since. He is the founder of American Lithium (TSXV:LI), Prime Mining Corp (TSXV:PRYM), chairman of Apollo Gold (TSXV:APGO) , and was also the co-founder of Millenial Lithium (formerly TSXV:ML).

In the video, we discuss the history of gold, the future of lithium, the commodity cycle, Murray Pezim & the glory days of the VSE, and much more.

A special thank you and shoutout to Andy for doing this interview and I hope you guys enjoy it.

- SmallCapInvestor


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