Exclusive Interview w/ CEO of Jack Nathan Health (TSXV:JNH)

Here is my exclusive interview with George Barakat, the CEO of Jack Nathan Health (TSXV:JNH). In the interview, we delve into the history of Jack Nathan Health, the roots of the company's strategic relationship with Walmart, as well as the company's overall vision for the future. It was a very enlightening conversation. I hope you guys enjoy the interview.

Time Stamps

0:00 - Introduction

1:50 - A Brief History of Jack Nathan Health

6:37 - Setting up a Jack Nathan Health Clinic

9:00 - How does Wal-Mart benefit?

12:00 - Aligning the company’s goals with the needs of patients

16:00 - How does “Telehealth” fit into the JNH model?

19:57 - The Competitive Landscape

20:55 - Growth Opportunities + role of Chinese markets

22:32 - Different in-store models - Small vs. Large?

25:00 - Walmart: A conduit for growth

26:00 - Walmart: a potential shareholder

29:42 - Exclusivity with Walmart?


A special thank you to George for taking the time to discuss the future of Jack Nathan Health with me.