Unigold Investors... Your Patience Will Be Rewarded

To anyone looking at or holding UGD, we ask that you please watch this video [Can skip to 3:15 marker]...

The government was BEGGING to give Unigold a mining license but Unigold had to convince the government that they needed more time for exploration because they "weren't ready". I have never of this happening in my life before. A permit is the BIGGEST obstacle for mining companies, just look at Northern Dynasty and the issues they are having getting permits for the Pebble Project . Meanwhile, UGD was sitting on a 2mil oz resource with 900k ounce portion of the resource averaging around 5.5 g/t. The rest around 1-2 g/t... They were handed a mining permit on a silver platter and asked for more time to drill. I know, it is frustrating to hear and to watch unfold, but also comforting to know that this will become a mine. The government wants it. The Dominican needs it. It is a small island with limited available assets and a hurting economy. It is only a matter of time.

If you have the patience, you will be rewarded.